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Wedding at Fort Jackson Officer's Club

Just a Girl with a Wish...

Beverly Metcalfe is a Southern born and bred girl who loves a party, even though her personal partying days sometimes seem to be a distant memory! She's a University of South Carolina graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master's in Education.  Art and crafting has always been a huge part of her life. For quite awhile, she and her father ran a business called Grandma's Featherbed, selling their own handcrafted decorations at fairs and local specialty stores.  When family and parenthood got the better of her, Beverly devoted her time to a "real" job and family, but the creative urge was always in the back of her mind.  She did flowers and wedding decor for friends and family, as many event designers do to get their feet wet in the business.  It wasn't until she put together a wedding with a bridal party of 20+ for the boss's daughter that she decided it was time to go professional.  A garage full of wedding decor, an Etsy store, and over 100 wedding-related articles published online later, she likes to think she's carved her own little niche in the event planning world.


Her unique sense of style, creativity, and resourcefulness are what continues to draw customers to Wishes Granted.

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